#2 You prepare your boxes and any other items that don’t fit into a box, like fridges, bikes, beds, etc.

EZCollege Storage is cheaper and easier to use than traditional self-storage...We provide a hassle free storage service at your campus so you can move out without lifting a finger.  This is SUMMER STORAGE MADE EASY!

#3  We will pick up and store everything in a local, clean, and safe storage facility.

#1   About a week before finals, we will drop off the boxes and supplies you ordered directly to your residence or location.

Need to Know

-  All storage plans have a 3 month minimum or the entire summer vacation.

-  A small item is anything less than 8ft long and 35lbs.

-  A large item is anything over 35lbs or that requires two movers.

-  Standard return delivery requires a 48-hour notice, and is subject to availability.

-  Pick-ups rescheduled/cancelled with less than 24-hour notice cost $100.

-  Additional small item returns cost $30/trip.

-  Large item returns will cost $40/trip.

-  Packing materials are FREE with your storage plan, please call to let us know what you need.

-  Items packed in bags cannot be stored. Free boxes will be supplied

-  Please read our FAQ if you have more questions.

That's Right:  Just 4 Easy Steps 

Get Started to Save Money, Free Up Time and Create Space

how it works

#4  Finally, we deliver your items to your new dorm or apartment to begin the new semester.