Storing with EZ College Storage is quick and easy.  We'll deliver the boxes you ordered directly to your dorm, once they are packed we will pick them up and store them during the summer months. 

To begin, select a date and time that works best for you. 

UnBoxed Items

 Small Items                              $45 each
 Mini Fridge, Suite Case, Small TV,

 Small Coffee Table, Wood Shelves,

 End Tables, Window AC Units

 Medium Items                           $50 each
 Office Chair, Bike, Small Desk,

 Small Dresser, Medium Fridge

 Large Items                               $55 each
 Recliner, Couch, Twin or Full Bed,

 Large Dresser, Large TV

 Extra Large Items        Call For Details



   Individual bins are $40 for the summer

 Bins fit approximately 18 pairs of 

 shoes, 30 shirts & 10 sweaters or 65

 paperback books.

                    (27" x 17" x 12")


 Initial Drop Off and Pick Up Is FREE


 Freshman                                          $60
Includes 2 Bins and Security Seals

Sophomore                                       $80

Includes 3 Bins and Security Seals

Junior                                                $110

Includes 4 Bins and Security Seals

Senior                                                $140

Includes 5 Bins and Security Seals

 Graduate                                           $160

Includes 6 Bins and Security Seals